Picture taking

Monday’s meet was relatively quiet, but this gave Alan and I an opportunity to turn the lights out, and try some photography tricks. The first was an art form of blurred photography called Bokeh. By placing a cap over the lens with something interesting cut in it, all the highlights that are out of focus become much prettier.

Secondly, we tried light-painting. As can be seen, we’re not terribly good at it, and are slightly transparent. We have learnt more for the future though. This could be run as a workshop in the winter, when it’s nice and dark outside.


I’ll host a talk on the 13th on Neural Networks. No previous knowledge required! It’ll start at 8pm on Monday 13th June. There will be a project night, for people to come and do whatever they like, on Monday 27th June. Alan will give a talk on Stirling Engines on the 11th July. The space will open at 7pm on these dates, and you can still come and work on talk nights.

For those who’ve missed it, we’ve also moved the date of the Ballistics Day to 6th August (still a Saturday), so that more people can come.