Layzor cutting

On Monday we visited Martin’s laser cutter, as once he installed it at his house with a water tank for cooling, it’s not particularly mobile.  He showed us some of the many things he’s made for his blog, and his lightbox for photographing them.

Onto newer things, we printed a NortHACKton stamp for visiting passport-holders.  After learning how to etch rubber, I then provided an object lesson in the power of cyanoacrylate glue by adhering to the stamp rather effectively.
Secondly I had made an SVG of a bokeh rig for my camera for Martin to convert and cut, which produced a passable first attempt at a kit that can fit to my D3100.  Not all of the pictures were good, but it was certainly a learning experience.  See Martin’s blog for the design, and the results are here, in the February pictures of this set.
March’s meetings – we meet in the space as normal for Monday 5th, and on the 19th there will be another pinball evening in Bedford.  See the mailing list for more details.

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