Milton Keynes Museum visit

On Sunday. NortHACKton visited the Milton Keynes museum, and had a very enjoyable tour of the site. Firstly we saw the museum of telephones, which has telephones of the last century all connected to a number of exchanges. You can make calls and watch automatic exchanges make circuits for you to talk, or you can ask an ‘operator’ to put you through the old fashioned way. It’s very hands-on, and the staff will teach you how to make calls.

After a a quick escape from the rain in an Anderson shelter we then travel further back in time to an Edwardian house kept in historic condition, and had a quick tinkle on the pianola whilst learning about Robert FitzRoy, a local to the area, who captained the HMS Beagle, and invented the storm glass (one of which can be seen in the museum).

The house has a number of rooms set up as if in use, all available to explore, from the kitchen to the smithy. There is also a street of Victorian shops in a small promenade. Next there is a selection of farming equipment and technological progresses, such as waterwheels and windmills; and finally a hall of transportation devices, from narrowboats to trams. This all skips the important cafe where we spent considerable time sampling their cakes and sandwiches!

Thanks to ntoll and the friendly and knowledgeable staff of the museum.