Hack evening workshop #1 a success

Well we’ve had our first workshop, and the three talks given by Martin, Alan, and Stephen went down very well, and covered a range of topics and abilities.  Martin explained how to design physical 3D objects and manufacture them in the home (or pay someone else to, for the less brave).  Alan taught us that bigger softer running shoes aren’t always the best answer, and Stephen explained the many different ways data can enter a computer.

The slides for these are on the wiki.  The Yeoman of England appears to be a great venue, and so it’s already booked for next month on Monday 6th September 2010.  We also have permission to bring some equipment along, but I don’t think we can devise anything too messy.

Next week we have the traditional pub meet and there we’ll finalise the logistics for the Ballistics Day, and plan the September workshop.  More pictures follow