Northampton Radio Club

I visited a Northampton Radio Club meeting today, and found some keen electronics enthusiasts. Radio hams have the option of saving money on their kit by building it from scratch, and so quite a few of them are dab hands with soldering irons. I floated the idea of a High Altitude balloon project past them, and have had a bit of interest. They have a lot of knowledge of the RF domain, and of modulating data, video, and voice over it.

They also have a set of contacts for fields that can be used for launching sites for lower things, such as rockets. These fields don’t have amenities though, so may not be family friendly. Food for thought though. Might be good for some low altitude balloon launches, if we just went up to the limit before which we need a launch site and back. A few thousand feet would still be good pics, and we get to see where it lands.