Meet #2 write-up

The second meet of NortHACKton was on the 18th May 2010 in the Malt Shovel. Martin again provided our totem, an LED matrix displaying our name.  Over the first meeting, it now has animated scrolling.

The highlight of the evening was Mark bringing a selection of locks and taught the group to pick some easier padlocks.  After some patient teaching we’d all managed to open a lock.

One possible project identified by Mark was that we could attempt is a timing device that could automatically time a lockpicking attempt without the competitor needing to use a stopwatch manually.  This wouldn’t be a complicated project, displaying times on a big LCD or 7-segment LED display, but detecting starting and stopping could be done in a number of different ways, and the group had a quick brainstorm on different methods.

We then talked about the group, and we’re going to persue getting more membership by finding groups that we could collaborate with.  The second task is to find somewhere to meet that is a bit more secluded, so we can start making a small mess in a pub.  Geek-friendly landlords in Northampton should leave a comment!

A make day was suggested, possibly involving water or chemical motors.  The Racecourse Park in Northampton is big enough for this.  Martin confirmed that water rockets, as well as being cheaper (and marginally safer) can still get a good height, and we can have a small competition.  And a BBQ!  This is to be planned.

Continuing the success of the haptic visualiser project, a further making evening will be had with this on the 7th June 2010.  Location TBC, hopefully somewhere with some space.

In addition we’ll have another pub meeting on the 15th June 2010.  Location TBC, falling back to the Malt Shovel.