First assets!

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that NortHACKton has its first hardware assets available for use by members. The UK office of IAR Systems is in Northampton and they have donated a number of embedded development boards. I’ve created a list of them on the wiki, with some information about what features they’ve got.

They’re mainly ARM Cortex M3s, as seen in the mbed, although we have a PIC support board as well. If you want to borrow one, just ask. Some development boards have programmers built in, others need a separate one, which we can also lend. For those who are a bit timid of working down at the hardware level may like the STM32 Primer2, which has a limited OS on it, called CircleOS. These boards can be programmed and debugged with open source software, or IAR have provided the Kickstart version of their excellent Embedded Workbench IDE.

Thanks again to IAR Systems, hopefully we’ll have some projects to show them soon!