August Meet write-up

Another month, another meet in the Malt Shovel. It was very busy because of a Moroccan food night, and it’s not the biggest pub, so there may be some temptation to move the pub nights somewhere a bit larger. We wouldn’t be able to get the function room in the Yeoman of England on Tuesdays for reasons discussed before though. Something to think on.

Ballistics Day

We discussed the Ballistics Day and the logistics for it, whether we’d forgotten anything. The important thing to note (I’ll update the wiki page) is to bring money instead of food for the barbecue, unless it’s something you want/need that won’t be available from the local co-op. A lucky volunteer will be dispatched with the new (when it’s made) donation box, with instructions to get food for all present.

This solves the problem of having too much food or too little. Any money left over will start the Northackton toys kitty off. We’ll need a Treasurer for this, who’ll get the job of keeping our accounts up to date. We can start off by using this to pay for the raw materials for our Hack Evenings, and can scale up as required. The donation box is voluntary, we’re not charging for attendance or food!

There will again be prizes at the Ballistics Day, the categories will be some of the following:

  • Reliability
  • Furthest horizontal distance
  • Accuracy (to a specified target)
  • Repeatability (not to a specified target)
  • Best In Show (by popular vote)

Prizes will be Kinder Surprise again, apologies to those lactose intolerant or vegan, who will be competing. Those who want to launch chemical rockets, don’t forget to bring them.

September Hack Evening

This will be on the 6th September, at the Yeoman of England. We’ll start activities from 8pm, but I’ll be along earlier than that if anyone would like to drink or eat beforehand.

The plan is to have a computer aided manufacture evening. Martin has offered to bring his router (not the networking kind) fitted with a pen, for people to try computer-aided drawing. It’s not quite manufacturing, but that really does make a mess, which I think the pub owners would not be so thrilled about. We do however have permission for this.

Exact details will be announced later, in a separate post.

Maker Faire 2010 2011

We had a brainstorming session about ideas for the Maker Faire, perhaps things that could be done with other hackerspaces. I’ll write them up later, but our general thoughts came into the following categories:

  1. A competition, where each hackerspace makes one or more entry
  2. A modular system, where each person makes a unit, and the whole together is on a large scale (e.g. swarm, LED wall)
  3. Some kind of loosely-coupled system where each part can take input from the preceding one (e.g. a Rube Goldberg machine, such as the ones other hackerspaces have done, or some other more bizarre functioning device)

Hopefully we’ll have some kind of IRC meet with some other hackerspace members to discuss these in the near future!