NSME equipment:

  • Metalworking lathe
  • Pillar drill (inc bits – mainly Imperial but metric as well)
  • Various hand tools (focusing on metalwork)

Northackton equipment:

  • Soldering irons
  • Bench power supplies
  • JTAG emulators
  • ARM / PIC development boards (courtesy of IAR)
  • Various hand tools (focusing on wire stripping)
  • Laser cutter!

To use any NSME equipment or our laser cutter, you must be a subscribing member of NSME, of which Northackton is part.  This is for insurance purposes to protect you and to protect the equipment.  Additionally to use the laser cutter there is an induction programme and usage costs, due to the limited life-span of the lazing tube within it.  See the laser cutter page for more details.