Northackton is a hackerspace in Northampton, UK.  We’re based on the site of (and technically a part of) the Northampton Society of Model Engineers and use their clubhouse and workshops in Delapre Park.

To find us, enter the park from London Road, and immediately turn left (North!), just after the groundkeeper’s cottage.  The NSME ground is at the opposite side of the field.  You can drive to it, and park within it on Northackton project nights.

Northackton has been running since 2010 and is relatively relaxed compared to other larger (by membership) spaces in the country.  Guests are welcome to visit our project nights or pub meetings with no fees charged, although small donations are appreciated.  If you start coming regularly, or wish to use some of the facilities of Northackton or NSME you need become a member of NSME, which currently charges £40/year, one of the lowest monthly charges (£3.33!) of any UK space!

Other benefits include access to the two narrow gauge miniature railway tracks and use of the acreage owned by NSME.  While we may not be the largest UK hackerspace by membership, we are certainly contending on acres of forest!