Workshop: Marble Madness – 21st Jan

The next workshop to run at NortHACKton will be another session run by Martin Raynsford, based on his previous success with his useless machine workshop last year.  This time you can build your own marble machine!  Turn a crank to run marbles down a con

e, again and again and again.  The workshop costs £12, which includes the complete kit.  Ball bearings included.

This is a slightly more simple build than the useless machine – no soldering required.  Here’s my own attempt at building one of Martin’s prototypes.  This will run on Monday 21st January.  The space will be open from 7pm as usual and we’ll aim to start at 8pm, although if enough people arrive earlier we’ll start, and then start people as they arrive, as this worked well last time so that not everyone needs the same tool at the same time.
If you wish to bring your own tools, the following may be useful:
  • Wood glue
  • Small pliers
  • Craft knife
  • Needle file
They will however all be provided if you don’t have them.  If you’re coming, feel free to comment on here, or on the mailing list, or via our Facebook page, so we’re expecting you.

GeekSanta writeup

A surprisingly successful set of workshops were run over the last month, on soap-making, useless machines, and knitting decorations for christmas trees from chainmail. The useless machines workshop was run by Martin and was very successful. Those who missed out on buying a kit on the day may buy direct from him on his website.  For those who don’t know what a useless machine is, participant ntoll wrote it up, including a video.

The soap-making workshop started with some serious demonstrations of melt and pour soap and how to add dyes and pigments, but got very rapidly experimental.  Unfortunately there are no picture’s of Mat’s mustard-dyed “soap”, which is probably all for the better.

Pat ran the chainmail workshop, and taught how to make simple European 4-in-1 and European 6-in-1 with coloured rings to make trees.  This went well and the chainmail forest is shown below.

On the success of these workshops, we shall definitely organise more, although not quite so many together.  Any suggestions for workshops to be made via comments, Twitter, Facebook, the mailing list.  And roll on GeekSanta 2013!


Christmas meal 2012

We’re going to have a Christmas curry this year, on the 10th December.  The current plan is meet in the Malt Shovel on Bridge Street at 7pm onwards, and then move to Aladdin’s Balti Hut for 7.30pm.  Comment on the mailing list if you’re coming so I can book the table