Dismantling LiPos

Against my better judgement I took apart some old LiPo batteries so that I could use the single cells for some mesh networking.

After a bit of careful solder-suckering I’ve now got three individual 3.7V cells with tabs poking out.

Tonight at Northackton – Monday 3 March 2014


Steve sent himself a text, fiddled with some AT commands and then received it on his ublox C027  Internet of Things gadget.

Mark praying

While Mark prayed for it to work, Jim made Steve’s lightbulb come on by phoning the embedded board – which duly flashed it’s little LED (not shown in the picture due to poor camera shutter timing).

ublox c027 board

Mat cut out some wood…

Laser cutting plot clock Plot clock parts

But was then puzzled it didn’t quite fit together, until Steve pointed out he’d put a key piece on upside down.

Plot clock parts put badly together

Jim turned some more things on – like his Lego-encased Raspberry Pi

Lego Raspberry Pi

Mat learnt that flashing a light on the end of a pole and waggling it about doesn’t work very well.

And most importantly Steve won a Twix!


Then we all went home.

Next meeting: Monday 17 March 2014, 7pm.


Electromagnetic Wave 2013

I found some pictures on my camera, so here’s a bit of a belated look at the Northackton trip to Electromagnetic Wave.

Pondering the excitement that awaits

Pondering the excitement that awaits while travelling down from Bedford station

The ship

The Motorschiff Stubnitz…

...which Adrian couldn't resist hacking

…which Adrian couldn’t resist hacking

Set-up of stage alpha seemed to be a little running behind as the speakers started

A good time was had by all, although set-up of stage alpha seemed to be a little running behind…

Laser cutter

Last month we had a proper hack evening and finally installed the laser cutter!

We had a bit of a bash with it on the 19th, but we’re going to have a proper session next meeting, tomorrow. Bring ideas!

First cut

As we couldn’t resist having a proper go, we tried a keyfob from Nottinghack’s laser cutter manual. Came out lovely.

There’s lots more detail on training, safety, usage and materials on the Laser Cutter static page. And I’ve posted some more laser cutter experiments from when the cutter was in my garage on http://lasiverse.wordpress.com/.

Light painting

A short and belated write-up of the light painting session we held Monday before last.

It wasn’t entirely dark:

There was a full moon and the sky was clear:

Nevertheless, a bunch of us gathered and ventured into the abyss of Delapre Park:

We played with torches:



We played with flashing lights:

We played with fire:

But soon we retreated to the warmth of the clubhouse at NSME:

Where there were plenty of trains:

And some shiny objects to laser:

Many more photos on Flickr, tagged northackton.