Electromagnetic Wave 2013

I found some pictures on my camera, so here’s a bit of a belated look at the Northackton trip to Electromagnetic Wave.

Pondering the excitement that awaits

Pondering the excitement that awaits while travelling down from Bedford station

The ship

The Motorschiff Stubnitz…

...which Adrian couldn't resist hacking

…which Adrian couldn’t resist hacking

Set-up of stage alpha seemed to be a little running behind as the speakers started

A good time was had by all, although set-up of stage alpha seemed to be a little running behind…

Light painting

A short and belated write-up of the light painting session we held Monday before last.

It wasn’t entirely dark:

There was a full moon and the sky was clear:

Nevertheless, a bunch of us gathered and ventured into the abyss of Delapre Park:

We played with torches:



We played with flashing lights:

We played with fire:

But soon we retreated to the warmth of the clubhouse at NSME:

Where there were plenty of trains:

And some shiny objects to laser:

Many more photos on Flickr, tagged northackton.

3D Printing/Prototyping Talk Night

Monday night is our next Talk night, this months topic being 3D printing and prototyping. We’re hoping for a good turnout after the NSME open day 2 weeks ago.

The talk starts at 8pm but we’ll open up the NSME clubhouse from 7pm onwards.
There is a chance for some practical work after in the form of paper crafting. Bring a windows laptop if you’d like to design your own 3D model to assemble. If you’re just interested in the paper craft assembly I’ll have some simple models to hand. So bring a scalpel, metal ruler and something to cut on.
The software you require is pepakura and a trial version can be downloaded from here. http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/designer.html
Look forward to seeing you all on Monday.