Featured Maker

I feel proud to say that one of our makers was featured on instructables this week. After a busy weekend of making Matt came up with a DIY version of the wine bottle puzzle. Clearly the instructables people thought it was a good idea too and it became a featured instructable shortly after it was posted. The actual article can be found here http://www.instructables.com/id/Wine-bottle-puzzle/ and here is a piccy of it

Hackerspaces in the news

Congratulations to jonty on being interviewed on BBC Radio 5 about London Hackspace that he’s running. There’s also an interview with Mitch Altman who sounds like he gave the same pitch as he did at the Maker Faire this year.

Unfortunately linking in BBC iPlayer is difficult, but go here, and scan to about 2:20 in. Yes, it was on at 3am. The piece ended with a call for feedback, and a quick discussion on what an Arduino is. Bless.