Northackton IS the biggest hackspace in the UK!

Various hackspces have laid claim to the title, with London claiming the most members, Nottinghack claiming the most floor space. But here, for the record, is proof the Northackton IS the biggest hackspace in the UK, by far.

At our regular fortnightly meeting on 12th May 2014, I had intended to take photos of some of kit that Farnell have sent us but while it was light I decided to take a tour of the site. Pictures below. I’m even sat here outside typing up this blog post.

We are blessed with the facilities we have at Northackton, run and maintained by our parent organisation NSME. From the clubhouse, to the carriage shed and other outbuildings to the mahoosive train track loops including tunnel and smaller garden railways. Even having been coming here for a number of years I’d forgotten how large the site is.


Set within the 500 odd acres grounds of Delapre Abbey the enclosed site of the hackspace is huge itself, with an immediately adjacent public field and a little further afield an even more massive field for model aircraft, UAVs and rocketry. There’s also a lake within walking distance for aqua-makers. I’d love to see some model submariners.


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