SDR flowchart: POCSAG

Not sure any of these are entirely working, but the local area doesn’t appear to use POCSAG but has maybe gone onto FLEX as the frequency bands look a bit busy.

Simplest attempt is using a modified version of osmo-pocsag.  It writes out baseband to a file.  Create a fifo, and direct the the cmdline app to its output.
A more complex version is based on this (by bafe), and has some good waterfall pictures to give a better indication of what’s going on.  Confusingly it’s called gr-pocsag, and thus confusable with the POCSAG decoding GRC block by patchvonbraun here, which needs compiling and installing.
I’ll update this once I’ve actually either confirmed that what I’m seeing is not POCSAG or which/either/both/none works.

4 thoughts on “SDR flowchart: POCSAG

  1. I can’t figure out how to make and install the gr-pocsag from patchvonbraun. This is the first time I’m trying to build a gnuradio block and I’m a little lost.

  2. I’m not an expert on CMake, but the method that most GNUradio installs appear to use is to create a subdirectory (called ‘build’ or whatever you like) and cd into that, then run cmake .. to generate makefiles based on the root of the code, and then make; make install as usual. Don’t forget to check the output of cmake in case it disables most of the things you want it to actually build, but in this case it should only look for swig and the gnuradio header files, so if you installed them in a non-standard location, it might need a hint.

  3. Hi. Glad to see someone is using my grc flowgraph…
    I’m aware it has the same name as patchvonbraun’s version, that’s my fault.
    If you are still intrested, I’ve made some small changes to the flow, adding a gain control an a offset control for each channel.

  4. Heh, I probably will at some point – I’ve put my SDR stuff down until I actually make/buy/acquire a more useful antenna. Thanks for making it in the first place though!

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