Ballistics Day pics

Despite some initially poor weather, it dried out, brightened up, and the wind died down to allow us to launch some stuff!  Check the flickr feed here.  For those interested in the telemetry data from the payload we sent up, it looks like this.


Quite a short run as the rocket didn’t take long going up or down.  Acceleration data isn’t terribly readable – the peak acceleration is obviously off the +- 4g scale of the accelerometer.

One bad data point on the pressure causes the smoothed graph to have a small dip in it, but otherwise the data appears consistent (if unverified).

Temperature data isn’t useful, the sensor is cooling from a previous high of 35C from being wedged into the rocket nose cone.




Mat’s plane made a couple of trips up and down and around.  The temperature data again doesn’t appear to useful, as the sensor is much less responsive than the barometric one (they’re in the same package).  Currently it’s not used for altitude calculations.

2 thoughts on “Ballistics Day pics

  1. Does the accelerometer data look any more meaningful if you plot it either in 3D or as a combined single point?

  2. How do you plot in 3D and over time? That’s 4D of data! I did have a magnitude plot but it appeared less useful. I can bring it back at some point.

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