Meeting notes

We had a (very small) meeting this week, which mainly consisted of planning the Ballistics Day (details in a second post).  I also attended the NSME committee meeting and that was also productive:

  1. If we start supplying bracket specifications to the NSME someone will produce the resulting brackets, possibly producing cardboard ones first to check fit.  We’ve agreed doing one axis at a time would make sense.  If the mill is useful to the club they would then consider purchasing the parts that are still Martin’s.  If the endeavour fails or is unused by the club then Martin’s parts can be given back, and the rest sold.
  2. A marquee will be left in the clubhouse for use if required on the Ballistics Day.  There is also a water supply and hose for steam trains and water rockets which we can use.
  3. The NSME are impressed with our railway clock, but do not desire one of their own, as it would not be in keeping with the station’s aesthetic.

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