Ballistics Day: 6th August 2011!

We’ve fleshed out (a little) the plans for the ballistics day for this year.  It will be held in Delapre Park, hopefully very close to the NSME facilities (inside the park, next to London Rd).  If fate intervenes and we need to be further away, we will mark up on the NSME gates where we are, for ease of navigation in the park.

We’ll start gathering at 11am, but will not be aiming to launch anything before midday.  So if you’re coming to watch, you don’t have to be present from the very beginning.  We’ll run until we get bored, which will be 4pm at the earliest.  In case of (mild) rain we’ll have a marquee and the NSME clubhouse will be available in dire emergencies.  It has toilets, and a water supply for the filling of water rockets, so you don’t need to bring litres of water with you.
The firing range will be marked off with traffic cones and rope.  This is not an insurmountable barrier, particularly not children or toddlers, so if you bring children it is very important that you do not let them cross the ropes when someone is launching.  Also, unless you’re launching something, you should not cross the ropes either.
Please bring your own rockets and tennis-ball launching devices, and launch with us!  If you want to make a water rocket, use a plastic bottle from a fizzy drink and add fins, nosecone, and anything else you like with card or cardboard.  Why not turn the afternoon into a picnic and bring food and a blanket?  You might even be able to launch your drinks bottle!

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