Another Ballistics Day

It was very popular last year, so we’re running another; a Ballistics Day will be held by Northackton on Saturday 23rd July 2011. We’ll be in Delapre Park, close to the NSME ground, and holding a competition for equipment that can launch tennis balls to in a set of trials. We’re looking for precision throwers as well as distance ones, so there should be something for everyone in there.

Last year we had water rockets, chemical rockets, trebuchets, a torsion catapult, a lot of bungee cord, a badminton racquet, a bow and arrow, and something that didn’t have a name.

We’ll aim to start around 11am, and run until we’ve tired of firing everything off. We’ll have the facilities of the clubhouse to hand, and there are shops much closer than at the Racecourse Park. Once the ballistics have finished we’ll have a BBQ if the weather holds.

Save the date: 23rd July 2011!

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