3D Printing Talk

Our next evening talk, Monday May 16th, will be about 3D printing, the different types available in both professional and DIY versions. We will cover everything from the ground up so the talk shall be suitable for people with no prior knowledge on the subject. New people are always welcome along and all our talk evenings are free. We shall be at NSME from 7pm onwards with the talk starting at 8pm. It is generally informal in its style so if you have any questions during the talk please feel free to ask them. Talks aim to be about 30 minutes but interesting ones tend to ramble to about an hour. The clubhouse will be open afterwards for more specific questions or general project work.

(The Makerbot, just one type of DIY 3D printing)

One thought on “3D Printing Talk

  1. Hi, sadly I can’t make the talk tonight (Monday) but will be at the NSME track tomorrow night(Tuesday) – will any of your members be there Tuesday night? ….

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