Spider Frameworks

After discussions with the Maker Faire people last week it appears it’s going to be a bit tricky to take the whole spider along to Newcastle. We can erect it outside the stadium but we need to be able to prove that it isn’t going to blow away which is apparently a little more than just looking at the vast weights in the feet and saying ‘That looks heavy enough’. So we struck a compromise deal which suits us pretty nicely. We’ll only take the front half of the spider and we’ll prop it up against a wall inside the venue. then we can set up stall underneath it. Suits us in many ways because the front half is already made and it will be easier to transport.

I realise it’s not overly worthy of an update post but I spent 20 minutes this afternoon doing a quick framework test. I screwed some of the longer pieces together to test my plans for the joint. It’s pretty strong but would benefit from a matching plank on the other side of the joint, so I shall head back to Wickes tomorrow to buy the rest of the wood and something suitable for the job. Hopefully I’ll have more to show by the other end of the weekend.

(and yes I realise that first image shows it resting on a window ledge but that does simulate the additional leg joint that will be going down there)

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