Spider Head Trial

Been a while since the last spider update, there was a pause over Christmas where I ran out of cardboard. My problems were solved with a trip to Halfords, they get lots of bicycle boxes which are all massive and double thick cardboard. I’ve started to turn these into the legs for the spider bot and have currently cut the pieces for the top two sections on all eight legs. I’ve decided to redo the first leg with this newer/nicer cardboard so all the legs will be similar.

The design for the wooden frame is also complete but it will take a little effort to assemble it and I’m still a little worried about how much weight it will have to hold and the 6.5m span between them, guess there will be another trial at some point and a test leg or two.

This evening I complete parts of the head and then tacked the parts together to see what it would all look like. Photos are still being added to the album of course.

2 thoughts on “Spider Head Trial

  1. Hi :) my name is Faith a student in Northumbria University and I saw your installation in Makers Fair last year and I was inspired by your installation to try and create a robot with cardboard myself
    Any tips?

  2. Halfords turns out to be an excellent place to get cardboard as their bikes come in super-strong cardboard boxes. You can never have too many gluesticks for your glue gun. Don’t build something big unless you have somewhere to keep it!

    Martin used pepekura to unfold his original design. The round bits were some of the more taxing bits to make, along with the wooden superstructure that held up the cardboard for something that large.

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