Flying high

On Monday we had a talk by Stephen Billings on things to do in the sky. He makes kites and hangs teddybears off them! When released they gracefully fall to the ground, under parachutes. Another way of getting into the sky is with a solar balloon, which is one that heats its hot air through solar power. A number of thin black bags taped together will heat their own air and provide lift enough for a small payload. He finished by demonstrating how to build a kite from scratch. I’ll upload some pics later.

The next dates for meetings are:

  • Monday 7th February – Project evening
  • Sunday 13th February – Building the cardboard racetrack (times TBC)
  • Monday 21st February – Talk evening, topic TBC
  • Monday 7th March – Project evening
  • Monday 21st March – Talk evening, "Steam Power"

Except where stated differently, the space will be open from 7pm, and any talks will start at 8pm.

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