(Very) Late entry

I received a very late entry for the robot competition from Manny Jasus this morning. He is well aware that the competition was closed but wanted me to post it up anyway, since he already worked on it. It’s a shame because this robot would work very well, towering over the people visiting the maker faire.

In other news the spider bot is still progressing nicely, I have now done all the facial features and am slowly realising the scale of this bot. It’s crazy but cool at the same time. It has got a 6.5m leg span, it will be 2m between the floor and the belly and 3m on top (10ft robot after all). The bum will be 2.5m x 2m x 2m or to put it another way, the size of a car. Still working out the finer details of getting it into a car, supporting it all when assembled and where we’re going to get the rest of the cardboard from but good progress none the less.

New photos can be found here

One thought on “(Very) Late entry

  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks for posting this even though it was late! Maybe I can re-submit it again if you ever have another competition!


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