And the winner is…

Spider Bot

The votes are in and counted and Jonathon Turners Spiderbot was the most popular of all the entries. So congratulations to him. The Spider design will make an impressive andĀ imposingĀ bot when scaled up to the full size and will hopefully create a talking point wherever we end up taking it.

I’ve already begun assembly and the conversion process to a paper model. For anyone that is interested in following along and working out how this will all go together you can download the paper cut from the following link. Consider this a draft, page 7 doesn’t need to be printed at all and you’ll quickly see that the boxes on page 6 are pretty wonky too. It’s still quite a good exercise in the conversion process and I already found half a dozen things I would change in the pattern from cutting out 2 parts.

Finally I’d like to say a very big thank you to all the people that entered designs into this competition, it wouldn’t have been a competition without you and stay tuned, we may have some more news for you once I’ve had a discussion with NortHACKton on Wednesday.

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