November hack evening writeup

A quiet meeting at the Yeoman this month, but we had our projects to work on, and plans for the Maker Faire to examine. Guy gave a talk about FPGAs and how and why one would use them. This went briefly into the structure of Verilog and how statements are translated to physical connections in the device. In short, FPGAs can do very complicated things very quickly, but require a very different mentality to programming in C.

Looking to the Faire, I will be filling out Northackton’s submission for a stall at the Faire in March, with the racer project, the over-sized game of Operation, and our cardboard robot offered as treats we would bring. We discussed possible meetings in December, but have currently left the calendar blank as most people are busy in the run-up to Christmas.

The next pub meet will be the 16th November.

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