October meet writeup

Firstly, apologies for the delay in writeup; six days after is a bit late. I would blame illness if it had started before Thursday! We met in the Malt Shovel on Tuesday as normal and planned a number of events.

Pinball evening

The pinball evening at Adrian’s house will take place on Saturday 27th November, and will start from 2pm, with an aim to eat at a local pub from 7pm. Exact location details to be announced. If you like pinball and especially if you’ve not seen the amazing insides of one, come along!

Robot competition

As already announced, Martin is organising a competition for NortHACKton to create a giant cardboard robot based on a winning submission. See the launch post and his examples.


We’re going to have another visit to the Northampton Society of Model Engineers on Tuesday 2nd November, kindly organised by Martin.

Projects to submit for Maker Faire 2011

We set out to choose a group project to make for the Maker Faire, but finally we chose two smaller projects. This has the advantage that we can highlight projects that we will definitely have built by March, but can also bring other examples of the things members have made. We’d also like to bring our giant robot if there’s room for it, but we don’t know what space restrictions we might have.

Guy is organising a life-size game of "Operation", and is currently planning this on the wiki. A hospital-theme and a human dummy that can have organs removed in the style of the original game. Nothing too grisly, don’t want to scare the kids.

I am organising a cardboard racing game, such as has been done on the Internet recently. Our improvement on it will mainly relate to the track, hopefully adding some jumps and loops. If we build it early though, we could look to add more functionality, but firstly something working would be highly desirable.

Guy and I will present our timetables for finishing these projects by the Hack Evening on the 1st November.


The wiki now supports anonymous edits, protected by a simple maths-based captcha. I will also try to keep an eye on the list of changes to check for malicious damage, but now anybody can edit it without an account!

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