Design a Giant Robot Competition

NortHACKton is attempting to make a large robot sculpture to generate publicity and raise awareness of the hackerspace within the local community. We aim to assemble and display the sculpture on the streets of Northampton on a busy Saturday and inform any interested members of the public who we are and what we’re about. Then we will attempt to move the robot up to the Newcastle centre for life to display it for the weekend at the UK Maker Faire.

As a group we could happily create a robot design that looked extremely functional but probably wouldn’t have a lot of flair and panache, so we’d like to throw the design process over to the internet community.  During the month of November we are running a competition where you are invited to submit designs for the robot we should build! The winning entry will be recreated as a 10ft tall robot sculpture so it’s time to think big. To enter the competition simply jot down some concept sketches, annotate them and send them over to us.

The winning design will be assembled throughout January and February 2011, with a regularly updated blog about the construction process. As part of the finalist stage several robot designs may be turned into 3D models suitable for construction as paper craft robots. Those designs will be made available for download for all people to create their own miniature robot model.

Entries can be submitted to me on

Don’t forget to subscribe to our feed to follow our progress and see the winning design actually get built


The deadline for all submissions is midnight on the 30th of November. NortHACKton will attempt to select a winner within 2 weeks of this date and will provide updates about finalist designs. (2 weeks should be loads of time but if there are two amazing entries it could be a hard choice)

The winning entry will be judged upon the criteria of style and practicality and we will try to keep the sculpture as true to the original design as possible. (We’re making it out of cardboard, with a wood sub frame, there are limitations with the materials)

NortHACKton reserves the right to modify the winning designs with embellishments from other designs and if in such a situation all designers will be accredited for their efforts. (If the runner up design has a really cool feature, we might like to make that too)

Every effort will be made to display the robot at Maker Faire UK but we do not currently have permission to do this. (We haven’t been told no either so we’re optimistic)

By entering into the competition you declare that your work is your own original design, and your design will be released under a creative commons license (We don’t want to get a phone call from an angry designer claiming we’ve stolen his work)


Extra points will be awarded for 3D models, even if they’re only low polygon.  Let your imagination run wild with the details but don’t forget to keep an element of practicality in it. We’re looking for detail and style in your design as the final version will be a static sculpture made from recycled cardboard. If you want to put a ray gun on it add a doodle of what your ray gun would look like. Antigravity and hovering bots are sadly out, but give it legs, wheels ,tracks or something else we haven’t thought of, there’s still plenty’s of scope within those practical boundaries. Cubes, cylinders, cones and curves are all possible with cardboard, but spheres are tricky so we’d ask you to limit those in your design.


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