CNC hack evening writeup

Last night we had our first hands-on tutorial in the Yeoman of England.  This one was longer than our lockpicking one done in our very first meet.  Martin kindly brought along his router and a few PCs to control it.  The first was used with his existing setup running Mach3, and the second was used to investigate LinuxCNC/EMC as an alternate controller.

After some false starts we were able to take drawings in CamBam (or imported from Inkscape) and have them converted to gcode and drawn on the plotter onto a notepad.  Less success was had with the EMC software which rejected the PC it was running on as being too slow (100us jitter reported).  Still surprising that we couldn’t get it to turn an axis at all though.  Not that we read the manual much.  To do.

Nicholas kindly took a video explaining the process and has uploaded it:

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